SEO Mentoring.

You do the work, backed up by solid advice from 15+ years in the search engine business.

SEO can be expensive…

So here’s the answer

You can do your own SEO. 

You can do it in your own time, your business time or while in the coffee shop, it’s not technical, it just takes time and when you employ a search agency, they charge for that time.

However, they have the experience and skills, so it’s expensive.

What if you could get all the help and assistance you need, based on years of experience, but you do the work and see the benefit of the time you put in?

No commitment.

You sign up via PayPal which is safe, convenient and it means you can cancel at any time.

You don’t even have to contact us.

Just cancel it within PayPal and we’ll get the message.

We won’t cry. Much.

Here’s what’s involved…

Monthly call

You’ll have a bunch of tasks to complete during the month, so we’ll want to make sure you’re on top of them.

But, this is also a chance to ask questions, get advice and quiz us.


Ranking Updates

Monitor your own ranking with emailed ranking reports.

Check which keywords you need to work on, look for others you may have missed.


Website Audit

You never know, your website might suddenly throw a curveball and exclude all search engines, tanking your ranking.

We’ll watch out for that and let you know if we spot anything odd.


Coming soon!

We’re currently putting together our SEO FAQ – our own library of hints and tips to help build your SEO skills.

Ready to sign up?

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SEO Mentoring

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