Professional – SEO For Big Business

If you’re in a competitive marketplace and need more, then this is the service that will provide it. Blog posts, guest posting and social media syndication.

What you get

Five articles per month

We’ll write five articles based on your marketplace that will increase the relevancy of your website

Social media syndication

Your article will be posted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote it to your audience. All planned and scheduled over a full year.


We’ll post your article to multiple ‘bookmarking’ sites. These are virtual directories which make it easy for people to find your content.

Three videos per month

We convert three of your articles into videos which can then be posted to YouTube to increase your site relevancy

Two e-books per month

E-books syndicated to multiple websites, promoted and bookmarked

One "Power page" every two months

Power pages are the pinnacle of content marketing. They are 2000 word+ articles that are magnets to search engines

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    Professional SEO - £450.00 / Month