Guaranteed top 10 rankings, or we work

for free.

Seriously. If we can’t get at least some of your keywords in the top ten within three months, we’ll work for free until we do. Read the small print here.

No Bull. It’s simple.

Choose our standard package at £400/month, choose your keywords, and we’ll get to work.

Our aim is to get your keywords in the top ten.

In three months, if none of your keywords are in the top ten, we will work for free until at least two of them are.

No commitment.

You sign up via PayPal which is safe, convenient and it means you can cancel at any time.

You don’t even have to contact us.

Just cancel it within PayPal and we’ll get the message.

We won’t cry. Much.

There’s a little bit of small print, but not much…

Access to your website

We need full access to your website content management system.

Without this, we can’t create the content needed to improve your rankings.

No penalties

If your site has been penalised, we can’t help you, sorry!

If we find you have a penalty, we’ll refund your initial payment and give you some advice on what to do next.

We might cancel

Sometimes, even if there’s no penalty, rankings don’t budge. There could be many reasons, but we’ll be honest and admit we can’t help.

Read More Here.

You can cancel

Even after a month, if you’re unsure, you can just cancel and you won’t pay any more.

It’s our simple guarantee.

No risk.

Here’s what we do for you to get those rankings…


We research your market and your products or services.

We create content for your site that will rank for your keywords.



We distribute your content to make sure people see it.

This helps your site gain visibility and increase rankings.


We’ll convert some of that content into videos and distribute those, too.

This helps build up a varied link profile.


We send you a monthly report with the latest rankings and information about what we’ve done in the month.

Ready to try it out?

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